Client Testimonials

Essien Ita, Thomas H. Keithley

Lodge No. 45, Prince Hall Masons, Austin, TX

Messenger of Truth

“Dr. Karen Cox’s lecture demonstrated how the Lost Cause narrative has shaped the tone of this country and influenced generations. Attendees walked away from her talk with a newfound understanding of how the Lost Cause has personally impacted them, as well as an appreciation of Dr. Cox as a messenger of truth.”

CJ Hunt

Former Field Producer for The Daily Show and director of The Neutral Ground

Concise & Powerful

“Karen’s knowledge of Confederate memorialization, especially monuments, and her expertise on the South more generally, was a valuable asset to our film The Neutral Ground. Karen is one hell of a writer and – thankfully – one of those rare public intellectuals who is as concise and powerful on screen as she is on the page. Any organization or school system would be lucky to have Karen speak to them about this issue.”

Molly Michelmore

Chair of the History Department, Washington & Lee University

Sophisticated but Accessible

“Sophisticated but accessible, learned but engaging, Karen Cox can show audiences – students, academics, community members, and history buffs alike – not only what happened in the past, but why it continues to matter. She doesn’t shy away from hot button issues, and follows the historical evidence wherever it leads, but she shows how history and reckoning with our collective past can help to build communities.”

Emily Zimmern

Chair, City of Charlotte Legacy Commission and Retired President & CEO of the Levine Museum of the New South

Invaluable Historical Context

“As a consulting historian for the City of Charlotte’s Legacy Commission, Dr. Karen Cox provided invaluable historical context for our deliberations on the city’s Confederate memorial landscape.  Her presentations deepened our understanding of a contentious history and strengthened the reasoning behind our recommendations.”

Sandra Gioia Treadway

Librarian of Virginia

Thoughtful & Engaging Speaker

“Karen Cox is a thoughtful and engaging speaker on some of the toughest topics that we as a society are grappling with today.  Her talk at the Library of Virginia less than a week after the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee from Richmond’s Monument Avenue was pitch perfect for an audience seeking to understand the historical context of the Confederate monuments and the legacy of oppression they represent.  An expert in the history of the American South, Cox ably deconstructed the myths perpetuated by Lost Cause ideology and described the harsh realities faced by men and women of color in the post-Civil War South using the stories of real people and events to illustrate her points.  We were delighted that her presentation drew a diverse crowd from the Richmond community and sparked lively conversation afterwards.”


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