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Most of my consulting for local and state government is situated in the American South and is focused on Confederate memorialization. While monument or heritage laws in your state may prevent removal of statues, there is still room for civil discussion and ways to highlight other aspects of your local history.

As a nationally recognized expert on Confederate memorialization, I can provide your community with a historically-sourced report on your monument or memorial landscape, as well as provide you with the broader historical context in which it was created.

My services include researching, writing, and documenting your town or city’s markers, monuments, street names, and other memorials to the Confederacy. Such a report can be useful for reimagining how your community wants to represent itself in the 21st century or by holding Common Ground Workshops™ that bring together citizens who may think differently about the issue into conversation with one another.
I can also make a historical presentation to government leadership or other community leaders to get the conversation started.

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