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Educational Workshops

I offer two types of workshops. Common Ground Workshops™ are for corporations, government, nonprofits, and community organizations.  Teacher Workshops are for educators navigating difficult history, especially the issue of Confederate memorialization. Read the descriptions of each.

Common Ground Workshops™:

Wouldn’t it be great to talk over an issue rather than shout or take shots at one another over social media? How about doing that while sharing a nice meal together? This is the idea behind Common Ground workshops.

In the South, what often binds us together as people is food. And it is through a shared meal that we can strive for shared understanding about the issues that divide us.  Through these workshops we will ask questions and listen with the goal of finding common ground. We may walk away not having met the goal, but perhaps we will have made a step in the right direction. And do so with respect and civility.

Your organization will supply the food and the meeting site. We will facilitate the discussion.

Sample Workshop Topics:

  1. What does southern heritage mean to you?
  2. Understanding History: Why are Confederate monuments controversial?
  3. Reimaging Your Community’s Historical and Memorial Landscape
  4. The More You Know History: Topics will vary to suit your group's needs, but these workshops challenge participants to learn more about their local history.

Teacher Workshops:

When it comes to an issue as thorny as Confederate memory, it can be a challenge for teachers. My workshop for high school teachers is built on a foundation of primary source materials—speeches, news articles, photographs, and postcards—as well as lecture and Q&A.

As it turns out, teachers and students already use materials I’ve developed or helped to develop. My TedEd lesson “Debunking the Lost Cause Myth” has more than one million views. The Vox video “How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history,” which is based on my book about the United Daughters of the Confederacy, has exceeded 4 million views. In an episode of the Teaching Hard History podcast, I provide an overview of the misinformation that is tied up in the Lost Cause and Confederate monuments.

I’ve been researching, writing, and speaking about this topic for more than three decades. Let me help your teachers help their students understand this issue.


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