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Have you ever considered how the history of your organization, or the life stories of your leaders and employees can benefit work culture, compliment your brand, or inspire new brand messaging?  You should.

These histories are used all the time to connect employees to the workplace, market the quality of your products, or even advertise the value of your organization. Ever heard a commercial in which a company touts how many years it’s been in business? That’s a great use of history, because it says to customers “we have longevity because we have good products and services.” That same history can also be used in other types of brand messaging and corporate communications.

Could your website use some beefing up with details about your organization’s history? Leader bios?  How about a timeline of important milestones in your history? That’s also a good use of a historical consultant and I’m here to help.

History, of course, can cut both ways. Some companies and marketing firms have hurt their brand with poor social media campaigns whose misunderstanding of history went terribly wrong. Let a historian who’s worked in heritage marketing and who has a solid grasp of the past help you avoid those pitfalls, but also help you find the right history message for your organization or business.

Last, but not least, I’m also available to assist museums, historic sites, and other history non-profits with research, writing, and exhibit development. In addition to my own museum experience, I’ve taught museum studies and heritage tourism, and the resulting projects have included exhibit plans, educational programs, and innovative digital tours via the Clio app.


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